All features

A huge feature setfor your best AI chatexperience.

Learn to set up a feature-rich chat portal with TypingMind Custom.

Secure deployment & integration

Host on our cloud

Easily setup your chat instance in 1 minute on our cloud.


Host Typing Mind on your own server.

API access

Interact with data in the TypingMind system via API.

Easy customization

Upload training data

How to upload training data on TypingMind custom.

Embed chat widget

Embedding a chat widget to your website.

Build custom chatbot

Create a custom AI chatbot with your training data.

Dynamic context via API

Train AI agents with your data via uploaded documents or Dynamic Context API.

Complete user management

Access control

Control access for your chat instance.

Enable semi-public access

Allow two levels of interaction: public and sign-in required.

Invite members

Managing seats and member roles in your chat instance.

Assign tags

Assign tags and manage access for individuals in your team.

Usage and limits

Gain the control over model availability and usage limits.

Limit prompt access

Restrict certain users access to certain prompts.

Limit AI agents access

Restrict user access to certain AI agents.

Limit chat model access

Limit the model usage by number of messages or characters.