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API Access

TypingMind Custom API allows you to interact with data in the TypingMind system via API

API Access

The TypingMind Custom API is a REST API that lets you interact with data in the TypingMind system. It uses JSON-formatted data for requests and responses.

Now, let's explore what our API can do and how it can be used in different business cases.

What the TypingMind Custom API can do?

Manage Users

You can manage users via API in the following ways:

  • Add a user: add a new user to your chat instance.
  • Get all users: retrieve a list of all users in your chat instance.
  • Remove a user: remove a user from your chat instance.
  • Update a user: update a user's details. Currently, you can only update user tags, but more options may be added in the future

API Access

Manage Chats

  • Create a model response: create a model response for a given chat conversation.

API Access

Use Cases

  1. User management for large team or community

    If you have a large team or community using your chat instance, it can be time-consuming to manually add every new user through the admin panel.

    • You can automate this task with the API. When a new user joins, it is automatically added to your chat instance. This ensures that everyone in your team has access to the chat instance as soon as they join.
    • And if a user's role changes or if they leave the team or community, you can easily update their tags or remove their seats directly from your own platform using the API
  2. Chatbot integration

    • You can create a chatbot using the training data you have, and this chatbot can be added to any platform like Discord or Telegram.
    • The chatbot will give responses that are relevant and based on the data you have provided it during its training phase.

    This can be used with any language learning models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, Claude, or any other custom LLMs, thus giving you the flexibility to use the model that best fits your requirements.

Get Started with TypingMind Custom API!

To get started with using the API:

  1. Generate an API key by logging into your instance admin panel > go to Integrations > API Integration > Generate API key

API Access

  1. When making a request, include the API key in the request headers as X-API-KEY.

For more request details, please check out the documentation available on api.typingmind.com/docs.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@typingmind.com