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Train AI Agents with your data

TypingMind Custom is custom-built version of TypingMind, specifically designed for teams, businesses, and communities.

With TypingMind Custom, you can create a chat instance under your own domain that functions just like TypingMind.com. It allows full control and customization of the chat instance through an Admin Panel.

Set up a chat instance with TypingMind Custom is super fast and easy. Here’s how.

Step 1: Create a new chat instance

Start by creating a new chat instance at https://custom.typingmind.com/signup

💡 A "Chat instance" or an "instance" is a chat interface you created when sign up for an account on TypingMind Custom. You can create multiple chat instances for multiple purposes. Each Chat instance is tied to one OpenAI key and run on one domain.

Train AI Agents with your data

After filling all the needed information, a verification email will be sent to your inbox so you can verify the newly created chat instance.

By following the verification link, you'll access the Admin Panel, where you can manage API keys, chat features, prompts, AI agents, etc. available on the chat interface:

Train AI Agents with your data

Step 2: Set up API Keys

The next step is to set up your API keys and models.

Click on the "API Keys" page in your admin panel, then enter your API keys.

You can use OpenAI API key to enable GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, or enter the Anthropic API key to enable Claude and Claude Instant models.

You can also create custom models by going to Manage Models and click on Add Custom Model

💡 To get your OpenAI API key, follow the instructions in this article: Get OpenAI API Key

Train AI Agents with your data

Train AI Agents with your data

"Manage Models" page also allows you to pick which model to offer to your users by disabling or enabling them.

Step 3: Choose and subscribe to a plan

To activate your chat instance, select and subscribe to a suitable plan. Subscription options are accessible via the Buy Subscription button at the top bar notification.

Learn more on what you can get for each TypingMind Custom plan here.

Train AI Agents with your data

Step 4: Your chat instance is now ready

You can now click on the "View Live" link to visit your chat instance and start chatting!

Train AI Agents with your data

But hold on! There are even more options to customize your chatbot, let's move forward to step 5.

Step 5: Invite members to your chat instance

Once your chat instance is set up, you can invite members of your team to start collaborating.

To add new members:

  1. Go to the Members page in your Admin Panel
  2. Input the email addresses of people you want to invite

Your team members will receive instructions to login and access the chat tool.

Train AI Agents with your data

We also provide you with the option to manage your members at different levels. You can set them to be an Admin like you to control the chat UI, or Content Moderator to only upload training data. Check out this article to learn how to do that!

Step 6: Customize your chat instance

As an Admin, you can fully control and customize the chat instance to suit your team goals.

1. Setup branding info

Customize the chat interface to align with your brand style, including:

  • Brand name, logo, tagline
  • Custom domain
  • Custom theme
  • Language
  • Links

All of these options can be done at “General Settings

Train AI Agents with your data

Train AI Agents with your data

These are the key details when your user login to your chat instance. Make sure to make it feel "like home" for your user by using your logo/branding.

More details on how to set up your chat instance with your branding at Custom Branding

2. Create Prompt Library for your team

Create shared prompts that all team members can utilize and collaborate in your shared AI workspace.

Here’s how:

  • Click on Prompts library in the Admin Panel
  • Add Prompts” to create built-in prompts for your team.

Train AI Agents with your data

Members will easily access your pre-built prompt library and make use of the prompts to get the best answers.

Train AI Agents with your data

Learn more on what you can do with Prompts.

3. Develop AI Agents collection and pin them on the chat UI

Create a custom AI Agent for your chat instance to serve as a specialized assistant for certain tasks. For example, a "Code Expert" AI Agent can help with coding and debugging.

Build as many AI Agents as you need, each designed for a different purpose, to significantly improve your team's workflow efficiency.

To create an AI Agent, follow the steps below:

  • Click on "AI Agents"
  • Click "Add Agent"
  • Enter details such as the Name, Description, and Instructions to direct the AI on what to answer, and set who can access this AI Agent.

Train AI Agents with your data

To ensure your team has easy access to these AI Agents:

  • While creating an AI Agent, enable "Pin this Agent on the main page"
  • Pinned AI agents will be displayed on the chat UI where members can see them as they enter or start a new chat.

Train AI Agents with your data

Train AI Agents with your data

AI Agents can be customized even further with your own custom data. This means beyond the instructions you give, you can also train them with your custom knowledge base. Learn more at Build AI Agent with Custom Data

4. Pre-configure plugins

Plugins will extend the functionality of the chat models, which can help the models access up-to-date information, run computations, or use third-party services to generate better responses.

Some plugins require configuration to function properly. For example, the web search plugin needs a search engine ID and API key.

Rather than having each member set this up manually, you can pre-configure these settings in the Admin Panel to streamline the process as following steps:

  • Click on Plugins
  • In the Built-in Plugins section, click on plugins that you want to pre-configure.
  • or You can Create / Import new plugins that are not provided in the plugin list with Client Plugins

Train AI Agents with your data

This allows your members to use the plugins without the need to set up manually, and ensures that your sensitive data (like API key) won't be exposed to others.

More details on how to set up Plugins at Admin level.

5. Control the visibility of chat features on the chat UI

You can enable or disable specific chat features that are visible in the interface to ensure your team members focus on the most relevant capabilities.

To manage chat features:

  • Go to Chat Features in the Admin Panel
  • Turn on or off specific features on the chat interface

Train AI Agents with your data

See full list of features that you can manage on the chat interface here

6. Train the chatbot with your own company data

Train your chat instance with custom data to let it work as a private chatbot that can answer personalized questions to your team.

You can upload training data from multiple sources, including Notion, Intercom, PDF, CSV, TXT, and more:

  • Go to Training data
  • Click on the “Add Data Source” button
  • Select a source of knowledge base to connect with your chatbot

Train AI Agents with your data

Train AI Agents with your data

In case you are not sure how we retrieve data so the AI model can answer properly, check here for more information.

7. Restrict members access to specific resources

You can control which users have access to specific prompts, AI agents, plugins or chat models by assigning tags to them.

Train AI Agents with your data

For example:

  • The marketing team could be tagged with “marketing” and only allowed to use marketing-related resources such as “Marketing Brainstorm”, “Content Writer”, and “Copywriter” prompt / AI agents
  • Developers could be tagged with “developer” and only granted access to GPT-4 and coding-related resources such as “Code Explainer”, “Code Troubleshooter”, prompt / AI agents or

Train AI Agents with your data

Learn how to restrict user access to certain:

Step 7: Access control

Your chat instance defaults to Private Mode, which means only invited members can login and access the chat.

However, we provide two additional access options:

  • Public Mode - Your chat instance is open and accessible to everyone.
  • Authorized Mode - Your chat is accessible to anyone with a verified email address.

Train AI Agents with your data

Here's some requirements to switch mode for your chat instance and use cases you can apply to your team: Access Control

That’s it!

That almost covers the basic steps for easily creating a chat instance for your team and managing it through the Admin Panel with TypingMind Custom.

Get started now and you can have your own admin panel in just 1 minute.

Train AI Agents with your data