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AI Agents

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Similar to managing prompts, admins have the option to manage AI agents for your chat interface from the Admin Panel

Default AI agents

The default AI agents are a set of pre-built AI agents from TypingMind.

Based on your specific needs, you have the option to enable/disable it from the chat interface.

  1. Go to AI Agents
  2. Turn on / off the option ‘Show default AI Agents’ to control the visibility of these AI agents on the Chat interface.

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

If you turn on this option, members will be able to add the AI agents from the default list.

In case you don’t want your users to be distracted by these AI agents, you can switch the toggle to OFF mode, it will disappear from the Chat UI.

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Custom AI Agents

You can create exclusive built-in AI Agents for your team members so they can quickly access the resources without manually creating them from the chat interface.

Go to AI Agents > Click ‘Create AI Agent

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Your created AI agents will be displayed on the chat interface as follows:

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Visibility Control for Each AI Agent

You can assign different tags for each AI agent. By assigning tags to your prompts, you can ensure that they are only visible to specific groups of users.

Here are 2 steps to set up the visibility for each AI agent:

Step 1: Assign tags for your members

Follow these steps to assign tags to your members:

  1. Log into your chat instance's Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to the Members section.
  3. Identify the member you wish to assign tags to by their email and click the Update tag button.
  4. Enter the tag you want to assign them and click Add

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Please note: You can assign multiple tags to each member. Learn more about Set tags for members

Step 2: Set tags for each AI agent

Here’s how to set tags for each AI agent:

  • Navigate the AI agents menu
  • Click Create AI Agent to create a new AI agent or Edit the existing AI agent
  • Scroll down to the Visibility section and select Visible only to users with tags from the drop-down list
  • The User tags section shown up, enter tags that you have just set for specific members at step 1

Example: if you want only members with the "developer" tag to access the VSCode Expert AI agent, add the "developer" tag to that agent.

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

Here’s how the members with the “developer” tag will see on the chat interface:

Manage AI agents for your chat interface

  • Please note that you need to assign tags for your members before adjusting the visibility of each AI agent for a specific tag. It doesn't work the other way around.

How to develop a good AI agent

There are some specific key points you will need to look at to customize a great agent that best suits your goal.

  • Define the AI's Role: determine the tone and manner of the AI's responses. If you're developing an AI for the healthcare industry, you might define its role as a "fitness advisor." This ensures ChatGPT generates more accurate responses based on healthy and fitness data
  • Set up system instruction: the system instruction forms the base for all the AI's responses. Ensure it aligns with the role you've defined.
  • Add training examples: training examples guide how the AI should respond to different inputs. Moreover, the accuracy and relevance of the AI's responses greatly depend on the quality of the training examples.