The Future of Work:Agentiiv's Success Story with TypingMind Custom

Learn how Agentiiv, a Canadian consulting firm, scaled their AI consulting business with TypingMind Custom by creating AI agents, saving times for their clients and boosting productivity.


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"TypingMind allowed us to get ahead of the market and create an AI Agent marketplace."

Karla Congson

Karla Congson

CEO & Founder at Agentiiv

Karla Congson, Founder of Agentiiv, shared her company's pioneering journey with TypingMind Custom - a powerful platform that's enabling them to lead the charge in the era of AI agents.

Agentiiv has been using TypingMind Custom as a key tool in their AI consulting business. Across all their instances, they have hundreds of active users engaging with their AI agents everyday.

We sat down with Karla to learn more about the story of Agentiiv.

Empowering Clients with AI Agents

Agentiiv uses TypingMind Custom to create custom AI agents for their clients. These digital experts enable organizations to tap into the power of large language models without having to learn sophisticated prompting themselves.

Screenshot of the Agentiiv AI platform, showing a chat interface on the left and a gallery of AI agents on the right. The Agentiiv logo is prominently displayed with the tagline "THE FUTURE OF WORK". The AI agents shown include a Customer Journey Map Expert, Synthetic Persona Focus Group, Change Management Specialist, Graphic Design - Image Generation, MindMap Assistant, and Agentiiv Agent Concierge, each with a brief description of their capabilities.
Screenshot of the Agentiiv AI platform with customized branding and AI agents

Starting in marketing, Agentiiv has expanded to building agents for a wide range of business functions including HR, sales, finance and more. Their AI agents, numbering over 60 for some clients, assist with tasks like strategy development, brainstorming, image generation, content creation, and mind mapping.

By partnering human expertise with TypingMind's AI agent platform, Agentiiv is helping clients stay ahead of the curve. As Karla puts it:

"2024 will be the year of agents versus just a plain chat interface. Our use case is to really lead where the market is already going - which is to create these AI agents that enable organizations to have a digital expert, and to be able to work with the digital expert that leverages all of the power of what an LLM can do, without having to learn sophisticated prompting."

Karla Congson

Karla Congson

CEO & Founder at Agentiiv

Extending Agent Capabilities with Plugins

To further enhance the power of their AI agents, Agentiiv leverages TypingMind's plugin system. This has enabled them to create custom solutions like:

  • Automatically generating PowerPoint presentations from agent outputs
  • Transforming YouTube video transcripts into slide decks
  • Pulling in real-time data to inform agent responses
Image of a PowerPoint presentation titled "Transforming Business with Claude 3" by Jane Smith from April 20, 2024. The image shows an AI-generated text conversation where the AI assistant confirms the presentation has been created based on the discussed outline, and provides a link to download and review the PowerPoint file.
A plugin to generate Powerpoint Slides from AI agent outputs
Image of a PowerPoint presentation titled "Transforming Business with Claude 3" by Jane Smith from April 20, 2024. The image shows an AI-generated text conversation where the AI assistant confirms the presentation has been created based on the discussed outline, and provides a link to download and review the PowerPoint file.A chat message from Hi Nancy asking if a PowerPoint presentation can be generated from a YouTube video, followed by a response using TubePlus to provide the YouTube video URL. The response says the video provides valuable insights that will serve as a strong foundation for a presentation comparing Claude 3 with other AI models like Gemini 1.5 and GPT-4, and that the presentation will focus on highlighting these comparisons and their implications. The profile pictures show a smiling young woman with long dark hair.The image shows a mind map titled "On the Conversational Persuasiveness of L..." which contains 81,074 characters and 20,269 tokens, created from an arXiv research paper. The mind map visually organizes the key topics and concepts from the paper, with the central topic being "Conversational Persuasiveness of Large Language Models". Branching out from this central topic are various subtopics such as the abstract, introduction, related work, debate propositions, experimental design, statistical analyses, results, discussion, acknowledgments, and appendix. Each subtopic further expands into more specific points and ideas related to the persuasiveness of large language models in conversational contexts. The mind map provides a clear hierarchical structure to quickly grasp the main sections and arguments presented in the original research paper. It is displayed on a simple white background with blue topic boxes connected by lines to show their relationships.List of 6 tools or functions with checkmarks indicating they are enabled: SEOPlus with username "seoPlus", PDF Report with username "pdfReporting", Markmap with username "markmap", URL Scraper with username "browsePlusFunction", Stable Photos with username "StablePhotos", and Stable Illustration with username "StableIllustration".

By integrating plugins, Agentiiv is able to offer unique, value-added services to their clients on top of the base TypingMind platform.

Strong Market Traction & Measurable Results

Agentiiv's AI agent solutions are seeing strong demand in the market. They currently have 3 clients fully commercialized on annual subscriptions, with 10 more in the pipeline at various stages from demo to procurement.

Impressively, Agentiiv has seen a 100% conversion rate from demo to sale, showcasing the value and impact of their offerings. As awareness of AI's potential continues to grow, they anticipate this momentum to accelerate.

Dashboard screenshot from the Agentiiv platform showing an overview of key metrics. The platform has 59 out of 88 members and an estimated 20,816,952 tokens used in the last 30 days. The top used AI agents in the last 30 days are Graphic Design - Image Generation with 329 times, Copywriter - General with 310 times, and PR Strategist with 155 times.

Agentiiv's AI agents, powered by TypingMind Custom, are already delivering significant value for clients. Surveys conducted after 2-month pilots showed that users were saving an average of 5-6 hours per week thanks to the AI assistants. That equates to getting back 20% of the work week in increased productivity.

The surveys also indicated improvements in work quality and speed of task completion when assisted by the AI agents.

An Unmatched Platform

When evaluating solutions, Karla found that TypingMind Custom stood out from the pack. The platform's user interface and low-code approach empowered her to focus on her core strength of prompt engineering, without getting bogged down in the technical scaffolding. This was a key differentiator compared to other platforms she evaluated.

Karla elaborated on the advantages of TypingMind Custom:

"TypingMind's UI is excellent. It makes it very easy for a low-code developer to be able to focus on what I'm good at, which is the prompt engineering. The back end is incredibly useful, and the customization of the user UI allows me to strip everything out and make it super easy and seamless for the end user. The ability to separate between client instances is really easy, which is great for billing. And the optionality of enhanced privacy by doing custom is great. No other solution I've looked at is able to encompass all that TypingMind does. It allows us to focus on where we're good, which is the utility of the prompts, not the scaffolding."

Karla Congson

Karla Congson

CEO & Founder at Agentiiv

Karla was also impressed by the utility gained from TypingMind's advanced features. The plugin system opened up new possibilities for extending agent capabilities by integrating with external tools and data sources.

Partnering for the Future

As an early adopter, Agentiiv is excited to continue partnering with TypingMind to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI agents. Opportunities for further enhancing the platform include:

  • Detailed cybersecurity and data privacy controls to facilitate adoption in enterprise
  • Ability for clients to use their own vector databases for proprietary data
  • Evaluation tools to measure agent performance over time
  • Pipeline interfaces to automate chaining multiple agents for complex workflows

With TypingMind's powerful platform and Agentiiv's AI expertise, the future of knowledge work is looking bright. Companies are gaining digital experts to amplify their capabilities, one agent at a time.

Tony Dinh
Founder of TypingMind
Posted 04 April 2024
This artcile is written from an interview transcript between TypingMind and Agentiiv. Editted by human with AI assistance. Learn how to harness the power of AI in your business using TypingMind.