Double Your Sales Efficiency with Smart AI Agents

Looking for an AI chat portal to help with lead scoring, offer valuable insights, and personalize experiences to boost engagement? Let's see how TypingMind can help your sales team.

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  • Customer engagement and lead generation

    Boost engagement and generate leads with sales agents.

  • Personalized suggestions and support

    Enjoy tailored product suggestions and instant support from smart AI agents.

  • Data analysis and insights

    Discover valuable insights from customer data to make better decisions.

  • Content and media creation

    Effortlessly generate engaging content like blog posts and social media updates.

  • Product training and knowledge sharing

    Easily provide product training and answer questions with knowledgeable AI assistants.


Customer engagement and lead generation

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Score and qualify leads

Based on your lead data, the AI Agent will provide real-time, active assessments of the lead potential for more accurate prioritization and personalized outreach.

Pre-sales inquiries

Answer common pre-sales questions, provide product information, and suggest solutions tailored to customer needs.

Score and qualify leads

Personalized recommendations and support

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Product suggestions

Analyze customer preferences and past purchase behavior to recommend products that are most likely to interest them.

Upselling and cross-Selling

Offer complementary products or services during the interaction based on the customer’s current selections.

Order tracking

Assist customers with tracking their orders and providing updates on delivery status.

Inventory checks

Inform customers about product availability and upcoming stock updates.

Product suggestions

Data analysis and insights

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Sales analytics

Provide insights into sales performance, and customer behavior to help sales teams to adjust their strategies.

Sales forecast

Forecast future sales trends and provide actionable insights.

Competitive insights

Gather and summarize information about competitors, helping sales teams to position their offerings more effectively.

Trend monitoring

Keep an eye on industry trends and emerging technologies, providing timely updates to the sales team to stay ahead of the curve.

Sales analytics
Email campaigns
Generate product title and description

Content and media creation

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Email campaigns

Draft personalized email campaigns and automated workflows tailored to different segments of the customer base, increasing engagement rates.

Generate product title and description

Help you create engaging and high-converting titles and detailed descriptions for your product showcase.

Training new sales reps
Information repository

Product training and knowledge sharing

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Training new sales reps

Provide consistent and comprehensive training to new sales team members, helping them acclimate faster.

Information repository

Act as an on-demand resource for sales reps, providing them with quick answers to product-related questions.


Bring an AI chat portal into your sales team

Build a collaborative AI workspace for your team

TypingMind Custom empowers your team with an intuitive chat interface, where they can access a shared AI workspace with:

  • Built-in prompt library: make sure all team members and customers receive high-quality AI responses by creating shared prompts and templates.
  • Built-in agents: build AI Agents specialized for tasks like handling customer inquiries, providing product information, and analyzing sales data.
  • Built-in plugins: extend the AI's abilities with a wide range of plugins like Real-time Web Search, Market News, etc. . or you can even create your custom plugins for task automation!
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AI Workspace
Admin Dashboard

Manage and control everything with the Admin Dashboard

As an Admin, you can fully customize and control the AI Agent with the following options:

  • Branded interface and custom domain
  • Manage team members and their access
  • Prepare shared prompts, AI Agents, and Plugins
  • Set up Single Sign-on
  • Monitor model usage insights
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Connect to your sales data

Integrate the AI Agent with your existing sales data:

  • Analyze performance metrics and optimize conversion rates
  • Extract key information from extensive datasets to refine marketing strategies
  • Monitor data from marketing campaigns to adjust tactics accordingly
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Sales Data
AI Models

Leverage the best AI Models

Don't settle for one AI model only - TypingMind lets you set up and interact with multiple AI models.Each model offers specific advantages, pick your preferred models such as:

  • ChatGPT-4
  • Anthropic Claude 3
  • Google Gemini 1.5 Pro
  • LLaMA 3
  • and more!
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Track and monitor member usage

Keep your Sales AI Agent operations secure and optimized:

  • Set usage limits: prevent overuse and constrain costs by specifying the number of messages users can send.
  • Chat logs: review chat logs of all AI-human interactions to ensure the AI Agent always provides quality responses.
  • Analytics dashboard: track key metrics like AI Model usage, tokens and cost estimation, and model performance to identify areas for improvement.
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Member Usage
AI Automation

Automate sales workflows & processes

Reduce repetitive, manual workloads by using our API or custom plugins:

  • Based on your provided ideal customer profiles, AI Agent can engage inbound web leads to qualify, score, and priority
  • Build an AI Sales Representative that can engage with customers through every step they take to your product, provide timely solutions, and increase conversion rate.
  • Build a custom Excel Generator plugin to automatically generate and download lead scoring reports as Excel files.

The possibilities are endless!

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why us

Why invest in an AI Sales Agent?

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  • Increase efficiency

    Handle multiple tasks simultaneously, streamline operations, and reduce human workload.

  • Improve customer experience

    Provide personalized, immediate responses, thus boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Save costs

    Automate routine tasks, reduce the need for a large human workforce and minimize errors.

  • Smarter decision-making

    Analyze data for actionable insights so leadership can strategize and adjust plans proactively.