Prompt Library

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Gain the full control over the prompts library of your chat instance.

Community Prompts

Community prompts are a set of predefined prompts that come with when you first set up your chat instance.

Depending on your specific needs, you may choose to make these prompts visible to your users or not:

  1. Go to Prompts Library
  2. Turn on / off the option ‘Allow users to use community prompts’ to control the visibility of these prompts on the Chat interface.

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

If you turn on this option, members will be able to use the Community Prompts.

In case you don’t want your users to be distracted with these prompts, you can switch the toggle to OFF mode, it will be disappear from the Chat UI.

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Custom Prompts

You can create an exclusive built-in prompts for your team members so they can quickly access to the resources without manual creating it from the chat interface.

Go to Prompts Library > Click ‘Add Prompt

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Your created prompts will be displayed on the chat interface as follow:

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Visibility Control for Each Prompt

You can assign different tags for each prompt. By assigning tags to your prompts, you can ensure that they are only visible to specific groups of users.

Here are 2 steps to set up the visibility for each prompt:

Step 1: Assign tags for users

Follow these steps to assign tags to your members:

  1. Log into your chat instance's Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to the 'Members' section.
  3. Identify the member you wish to assign tags to by their email and click the 'Update tag' button.
  4. Enter the tag you want to assign them and click Add

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Please note: You can assign multiple tags to each member. Learn more about Set tags for members

Step 2: Set tags for each prompt

Here’s how to set tags for each prompt:

  1. Navigate the Prompts Library menu
  2. Click ‘Add Prompt’ or ‘Edit’ the existing prompt
  3. Scroll down to the Visibility section and select ‘Visible only to users with tags’ from the drop down list
  4. The User tags section shown up, enter tags that you have just set for specific members at step 1

Example: if you want only members with the "content" tag to access the Content Improver prompt, add the "content" tag to that prompt.

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Here’s how the members with “content” tag will see on the chat interface:

Built-in Prompts for your chat instance

Best practices for creating an effective prompt

Here are some tips to help you craft a better prompt:

  1. Be specific: the more specific your prompt, the better. If you want a story, specify the genre, characters, and setting. If you want information, specify the kind of information and its context.
  2. Instruction: instruct the model on the format you want the output in. For instance, if you want a list, you can start your prompt with "List of...".
  3. Temperature: this isn't part of the prompt, but it's a setting you can adjust. A higher temperature like 0.8 makes the output more random, while a lower temperature like 0.2 makes it more focused and deterministic.
  4. Max tokens: another setting rather than a part of the prompt, but it's worth considering. This limits the length of the model's response. To ensure a smooth conversation, consider to use appropriate model if the prompt is too long.
  5. Iterative refinement: don't expect to get the perfect response on your first try. Experiment with different prompts and settings, and iterate based on the outputs you get.